How you can help…Help us go Viral!

If you believe that waste plastic anywhere is a problem, or that plastic in the ocean is a major and increasing problem, then you can help! Only with the strength of one collective voice will we be heard. Become a Champion for Save Our Oceans Foundation.  Email your friends, write your Congressmen, and click here to subscribe to our News Letter!

You can help us by sharing our website with everyone you know, especially those who care about the environment and who wish to help remove waste plastic from the world. Ask them to share with their friends, their companies, their governments. Only by educating everyone, will we make progress in removing waste plastic from both land and sea. 

Ask our government to evaluate, support, and deploy Plastic-to-Fuel conversion units strategically throughout the United States and throughout the world!

Use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to tell everyone you know to review the Save Our Oceans Foundation website and forward the link to everyone they know.  Contact your Congressman, your Senators, Your Governor, your Mayor. Plastic Pollution is a world problem that is heading for a disaster if we do nothing. 

Help us spread the word, help us go viral! Even Congress should not ignore one million letters!  There is a Solution!

We can only accomplish our goals with your help. Help us help you establish a Plastic-to-Fuel Facility at your location.

Will You Consider a donation?

Donate $20 and receive a Save Our Oceans Foundation Wallet. 

By using the wallet, you remind yourself and anyone who asks that we all must encourage our governments both local and national to help clean up our oceans, not just for ourselves, but for our kids, grandkids, and beyond!

Donate $50.00 or more and receive a Save Ours Oceans T-Shirt. These North Carolina grown cotton shirts are manufactured in Wendell, NC with the name of the cotton grower printed on the label.

Wear the T-Shirt to help us advertise the work that Save Our Oceans Foundation does.

Help us spread the word, educate governments, and clean up this plastic mess that we have gotten ourselves into.

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