Dave Hinton, Co-Founder and President

Dave Hinton is an Electrical Engineer with a 35-year career with the US Navy and the US Public Health Service. Having served aboard the Destroyer, USS Sampson, DDG-10 and flying P2v7 Neptune Antisubmarine Warfare aircraft as a Naval Flight Officer, Dave’s last Navy duty station was in what is now VXS-1 Naval Research Laboratory Flight Support Squadron flying EC-121 support missions throughout the world.  In his Public Health Service career, Dave conducted Air Pollution Health Effects Instrumentation and Research helping to establish the EPA National Air Particulate Standards (PM-2.5 and PM-5). Since retiring as Captain (O-6) in 1995, Dave was recruited by Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, AL to conduct a one year Research Project for EPA in 1996-1997 and has served in various additional consulting roles. Dave was a member of Durham Technical Community College, Electronics Advisory Committee for 10 years and served as Chairman for 4 years.  He is President of JD Energy Consultants and President of Save Our Oceans Foundation.  He has published 11 papers and holds 2 patents. 


Jim Berry, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Jim Berry was a member of a technical service support group for Monsanto’s thermoplastics manufacturing Division, working in both MA and TX for over a decade.   He was transferred to Monsanto’s Chemstrand Research Center in Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC to develop new applications for reinforced composite thermoset resins.  When Monsanto moved the Center’s programs to its St. Louis World Headquarters, Jim chose to remain in NC and joined the Environmental Protection Agency shortly after its inception.   There he directed the Agency’s first regulatory programs for reducing solvent emissions from industrial uses of paint, Ink, and other coatings.  Beginning with what then were “The Big Three” auto manufacturers,” Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, EPA oversaw enormous transformations in paint chemistry, application technology and air pollution “capture and control” systems that revolutionized industrial painting operations.  Emissions of “VOC” (volatile organic compounds) from painting, printing and other industries that use solvent-borne coatings were dramatically reduced by Federal Regulations that ensued.  Because the potential impact of Federal Regulations was of great concern to industry, Jim was a speaker at many Industrial Conferences, invited to explain the Agency’s progress on applicable regulations.  There, he frequently was introduced as “Mr. VOC” unless the Conference Chair was Dr. John Weaver.  John, former Director of Research at Sherwin Williams and an Adjunct Professor at Case Western, introduced him as “the most influential individual in paint history”.  The government-industry cooperation of the late 20th century is perpetually evidenced by labels of “VOC Content” now ubiquitously affixed to consumer containers of solvent-bearing products.  These labels declare the manufacturer’s compliance with applicable regulations.  Upon retirement, Jim continued to assist in pollution control by founding “Berry Environmental” consultants.  Some years later he co-founded “JD Energy Consultants” and more recently, the “Save Our Oceans Foundation,” all dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of industrial progress.  Jim, an LSU Chemical Engineer, subsequently studied polymer chemistry at the University of Houston.  He is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS, served over three decades in the Army Reserve, retiring after serving four years as Mobilization Commander of the Army’s research program developing battlefield obscurants, defense against “smart weapons”.   Jim is an Emeritus Fellow of the Air and Waste Management Association (where he long chaired the Emission Control Technology Division) and has served on the editorial boards of three trade magazines, Pollution Engineering, Industrial Paint and Powder, and Coatings World.   


Swaminathan Ramesh, PhD, CEO EcoFuel Technologies, Inc., Inventor

Swaminathan Ramesh is a Polymer Chemist who invented the Plastic-to-Fuel Catalytic Process.  He is President and CEO of EcoFuel Technologies (EFT) and Benefactor to Save Our Oceans Foundation.   He brings over 23 years of research and development experience working at BASF Corporation and the U.S. EPA Laboratories. In addition to EFT, Dr. Ramesh is also the Founder, President, and CEO of two other technology-based start-ups—Advanced Technologies of Michigan, Inc. (ATOM), a test lab for chemical and automotive companies, and Solarflex, LLC, an alternative energy venture developing thin film organic solar cells. Dr. Ramesh received a PhD in organic chemistry in Bangalore, India from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).  Dr. Ramesh completed five years of post-doctoral research at the University of Illinois at Chicago.   He has published 25 papers and holds over 50 patents.