Letter to Congress


Letter to Congress


Only by making your wishes known can you affect Congress.  Thousands (millions) of letters/emails will show that we speak with one collective voice to clean up the ocean.  Please forward this letter to your Senators and Representatives (Federal and State) to express your concern.  Help us send a million letters to Congress!  Let us know how many you send!!!


Dear Representative or Senator:

Plastic Pollution has reached crisis levels. Unsightly on land, it is a serious toxic health problem in the ocean. Plastic has entered the human food chain and we are accumulating endocrine disrupting chemical in our bodies but, even more important, we are passing these chemicals on to our offspring. 

You have passed the Save Our Seas Act of 2018 affecting plastic in the ocean, but the time has passed to simply create rules and regulations and conduct research. The time has come to act.  A new technology  is available through Save Our Oceans Foundation to begin cleaning up the ocean and to convert the collected plastic to renewable fuel. It can go to where the plastic is and create fuel for the local economy!  A recent study published by the Marine Pollution bulletin revealed that cleanup workers in Alaska collected 11 tons of debris along 50 miles of shoreline. That cost was approximately $5 million dollars.  Alaska has over 40,000 miles of coastline.  Please support funding for Save Our Oceans Foundation so that we can bring Plastic-to-Fuel Conversion Units to your state and to the world. 

The PTF Unit converts plastic to fuel, removing the waste plastic, reclaiming the energy value of the plastic, and creating local renewable fuel.  It can unlock the energy in waste plastic and use it to power mopeds and fishing boats anywhere in the world! It can unlock the energy in plastic from the ocean and use it to power ships at sea in any ocean.  Removing the pollution also creates income and jobs.

Potential: 2.6 Trillion Gallons; Value 9 Trillion Dollars! And, it permanently removes Plastic Pollution!!!

It’s Here! It Works! --- Now! A Circular Economy for Plastic!

Please evaluate and fund the use of this new technology! Save Our Oceans Foundation can show you how! See: www.saveouroceansfoundation.org for details.